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    Looking for opportunities to be a leader, an active member of our community and to interact with students from all over the world? Living on campus means you can focus on those things - we’ve got the rest!

    Explore Residence Life


    Your College experience will be uniquely yours. Discover yourself and learn with new friends from around the world. Our Residence Life team is here to help guide and support your success!

    Meet the Team

  • amp; Musse Cloud Boot Cue Caila Women's LEARN TO LIVE, LOVE THE LIFE!

    Living on campus, you will experience rich diversity and a community that exists to help you succeed. Love the life, the #PlattsLife, in our Residence Hall Community.

    Check out our Residence Halls Boot Tan Womens Low British Major Sorel 6 Flax Enq6xRtXw

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On campus housing at SUNY Plattsburgh is a safe, secure, well-maintained environment, where your social and academic needs are our #1 concern.


Cloud Caila amp; Musse Cue Women's Boot Living the #Plattslife

We’ve invested a lot in the renovations of our halls with your success in mind. We have fun, learn and grow together, and develop a strong sense of community. Living on campus will support your success!


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#1 reason Juniors & Seniors stay on campus - Safety!

Learn more about safety on campus.

Higher GPA

The average GPA of students living on campus is higher than those living off campus.

Student Support in Residence Halls
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