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{ Get your organization on the growth track - and keep it there }
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The Visionary is one of four leadership styles which together enable any organization, division, department, project, group or team to get to (and stay in) Predictable Success.

Most Visionaries possess similar traits: big-thinkers turned on by ideas, they’re easily bored with minutia and are consumed by the need to create and to achieve.

Visionaries are often (although not always) charismatic. Engaging communicators, able to motivate people to bring their best in every endeavor, they inspire deep loyalty in others, and frequently a small, tight team or ‘posse’ will develop around them, a group of committed individuals who share the Visionary’s…well, vision – and who want to help see it realized.

Funtasma by Black 05 Pleaser Bootie Elf Women's Pu Even if you’re not a Visionary yourself, you certainly know a few, and meet them at work – they’re the passionate, ever-hyperlinking, ‘30,000-feet’ big-picture types who arrive back from most weekends and vacations with yet another bright idea, the ‘glass-half-full’ optimists who believe (and frequently demonstrate) that there’s always a way through every problem.

Elf Black by Bootie Funtasma 05 Pleaser Women's Pu Women's Elf by Pleaser Bootie 05 Funtasma Pu Black You can recognize a Visionary through a few behavioral traits:

– They abhor routine.
– They adore discussion and debate.
– They’re comfortable with ambiguity.
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– They like risk.
– They trust their own judgment – and use it often.
– They aren’t wedded to past decisions.

Visionaries are an essential element in any high-performing group or team, but they can be disruptive if not managed correctly – and of course, Visionaries dislike being ‘managed’. In ‘Platform Ankle Pumps Style SHOTGUN Velvet SPYLOVEBUY Sole Cleated Up Women's 3 Blue Boots Heel SHOTGUN Lace Block aUaPYzx‘ you’ll learn how Visionaries can be successfully integrated into any group or team, and how their highly valuable skills and undoubted passion can be harnessed for the benefit the enterprise as a whole.

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